Aware that some needs can not be fulfilled by standard equipment, SOFAST also offers customized glove boxes sets to ensure the containment of your production and transfer operations in order to guarantee the non-contamination of your preparations and the protection of your operators.

Our range of glove boxes

These complete sets are made fully customized according to the needs of the process.

  1. Transfer glove boxes
  2. Sampling glove boxes
  3. Weighing glove boxes
  4. Glove boxes on special equipment (filling machine…)
  5. Glove boxes with tempered chamber to maintain the temperature of raw material
SOFAST Isolateur prélèvement


  • 2, 3 ou 4 gloves
  • Simple or double sided
  • Customized


  • Toxic protection (OEB5, HAPI, HPAPI, …)
  • Sterile production
  • Turbulent flow, laminar flow
  • Delta P+ / Delta P-
  • Atmosphere under air or under neutral gas
  • H2O2 decontamination
  • Rounded corners and cleanable interior design
  • Balance integration, on tank, on process line, freeze-dryer
  • ATEX design
SOFAST - Isolateur - formulation

More information about our solutions?

Exemple of Custom-Made Glove Boxes

  1. Filling glove boxes
  2. Installation: Cancéropole (pole dedicated to cancer research)
Exemple d’isolateur sur mesure