More than systems that meet your sterilization requirements, SOFAST autoclaves will provide you with the flexibility and specificities of custom-made manufacturing for suitable sterilization, whatever the loads to be autoclaved and your space constraints.

More than an autoclave, a solution

SOFAST offers custom-made solutions including the latest sterilization technologies to guarantee the sterilization of autoclaved loads while meeting your implantation, use and production constraints.

  1. Study of the loads to be sterilized to choose the most suitable technology
    1. Type of solid/liquid loads, sealed bottles, syringes, BSL- 3 with barrier on rejects
    2. Quantity by batch and per day
    3. Weight
    4. Preliminary and/or final sterilization
    5. Type of loading/unloading to organize (forklift truck, ground floor…)
    6. Collecting tanks
    7. With connected treatments : cleaning before sterilization, H2O2 cycle…
  2. Implementation study carried out according to the environment
    1. Required containment (BSL-3/BSL-4)
    2. cGMP environment
    3. Double or single door autoclave
    4. Adaptation of the opening directions: lateral, vertical, hinged
  3. Utilities study
    1. Dimensioning of the required utilities (electricity, steam, demineralised water, compressed air, N2…) and evacuations to plan
    2. Integration of servo steam generator if required
    3. Sterilizing filtration of the fluids with in line integrity test
  4. Connectivity study
    1. Recipe management system and logging (batch reports, raw data …) exportable to the client server
  5. Upgradability study
    1. Modification or replacement of existing installations

Our Autoclave technology

With its expertise in sterilization technologies, SOFAST offers a wide range of autoclaves covering all the needs of this industry for capacities up to 24m3.

SOFAST - Autoclave vide-vapeur

Saturated Steam Autoclave

Saturated steam autoclave technology mainly used to sterilize parts in contact with the final product. Types of loads:

  1. Open flasks
  2. Empty syringes
  3. Caps, capsules
  4. Instruments
  5. Textiles
  6. Format parts

Ventilated Autoclave (air/steam)

Autoclave technology used for the treatment of sensitive loads requiring the control of pressure resistance and specifically adapted to sterilize and cool hermetically-sealed containers such as:

  1. Sealed flasks
  2. Solute bags (glucose solutions…)
  3. Parenteral nutrition bags
  4. Filled syringes
  5. Injectable ampoules
SOFAST - Autoclave ventilé air vapeur
SOFAST - Autoclave eau surchauffée

Overheated Water Autoclave

The overheated water sterilization technology is most often used to autoclave containers requiring drying after treatment such as:

  1. Full sealed flasks
  2. Ampoules

More information about our solutions?

Some of our references

SOFAST - Autoclave eau surchauffée

Overheated water autoclave

  1. Model: TX12153
  2. Energy: overheated water
  3. Design: cylindrical
  4. Opening: double door
  5. Loading: automatic conveyor for each door with driving racks
SOFAST - Autoclave

Saturated steam autoclave

  1. Model: TX85-16-15
  2. Energy: saturated steam
  3. Design: parallelepipedic
  4. Dimensions: 850 x 1600 x 1500
  5. Opening: double door
SOFAST - Autoclave

Ventilated autoclave

  1. Model: TX910
  2. Energy: ventilated (air/steam)
  3. Capacity: 1,500 liters
  4. Integration in a restricted space
  5. Opening: side opening door
  6. With customized loading trolley
SOFAST - Autoclave - en série

Mass production