For more than 30 years, SOFAST has been designing and manufacturing process equipment and skids for laboratories and the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic industries.
Our goal: to put at your disposal our expertise and to propose you the most adapted solutions to:
  1. Sterilize,
  2. Prepare,
  3. Fomulate,
  4. Transfer
your preparations and products.
Engagement de SOFAST envers ses clients

Our commitment

Aware of the challenges that rely on the smooth running of our equipment, our Quality Management System is, in our opinion, a valuable tool on which we rely.

We must anticipate the expectations of our Customers, optimize our internal operations, while placing ourselves in a dynamic of continuous improvement.

We are committed to providing our Customers with expertise to offer solutions that address their specific issues while guaranteeing the associated regulatory requirements.

  • Respect of our customers and our commitments
  • Listening to solve their problem and improve the quality of our equipment
  • Availability to ensure the best service rates.
  • Sharing to transmit our knowledge and propose ever more innovative and efficient solutions
  • Flexibility to adapt to the constaints of our Customers
  • Enthousiasm and desire to take up the challenges of complex projects

So many values that make up the DNA of our company and drive our development.

SOFAST:  SOciété de FAbrication pour la STérilisation

(Manufacturing Company for Sterilization)

SOFAST - Société


  1. Setting up: 1985
  2. Location: Blanquefort, 33
  3. Staff: 25 people
  4. Group: ACTINI (staff: 120 people)
SOFAST - Fabrication


Manufacturing of pharmaceutical process solutions:

  1. Design
  2. Manufacturing (boilermaking and industrial piping)
  3. Installation
  4. Qualifications
  5. Maintenance
SOFAST - Produits sur mesure


Design and manufacturing of pure and sterile process solutions and skids:

  1. Fixed and mobile process tanks
  2. Contained and sterile bioprocessing skids
  3. Glove boxes
  4. Autoclaves
  5. CIP / SIP cleaning system
  6. Decontamination systems

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